About Us 


Gürsoy Alüminyum was established in 1984 with the purpose of manufacturing and application of window, door and cladding systems made of aluminium. In the following years many projects of mass housing, private housing, shopping center, business center and hospital have been succesfully realized with an utmost customer satisfaction.

Believing in the neccessity of deploying and taking the advantage of the manufacturing and market expertise which has been earned in long-hardworking years, in other areas where needed, Gürsoy Alüminyum had taken the decision to take part in aluminium machining industry, an industry which was suffering lack of capacity and insufficient quality, and triggered it’s investments in the year of 1997. While serving the country by meeting it’s qualified machined aluminium profile need, constant investments in state-of-the art machinery was carried out by Gürsoy Alüminum in the following years.

We have promoted our long-dated experience in aluminium by constantly investing in modern machinery with no hesitation. At the same time, employee development has been maintained in parallel to this enlargement by a number of trainings both technical and non-technical. On the other hand, our quality labrotary was equipped with the state of the art measuement devices and tools. All these efforts came back along with raised quality and ISO 9001 approval certificate. Currently, the aluminium we machine is utilized both in domestic and also in abroad mainly in Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Repuplic and some others.

Today we, Gürsoy Alüminum, work closely with customers from different industries to design, to manufacture and to deliver what they need. On time, with quality.


Providing competitive edge to our customers by machining the aluminium at high quality and delivering it on time at a reasonable cost.


Becoming a global brand by taking our proven domestic success to new territories. 


Customer Priority : We owe our presence to our customers, we exist as long as our customers exist. With this philosopohy; We believe in that the quality level we deliver to our customers determines our presence. 

Team Spirit : Team success comes via team spirit. Thus, cooperation is crucial for us. 

Honesty : We pay enormous attention to building and maintaining clear and honest relations at every stage of our business relations with third parties. We highly believe that it is the prerequisite in order to maintain relations in a safe manner and to survive for stronger tomorrow.